Ecocities Emerging accepts submissions of articles, editorials, and other written pieces. To help streamline the editorial process, please adhere to the following style guidelines when submitting.

– Submit files as Microsoft Word documents, RTF, HTML, or pasted into the body of an email.
– Please make sure formatting is simple and consistent, especially when copy-pasting from a different word processing application.
– You may also simply provide a link to an existing online article you would like us to re-post.
– Please keep your article under 1,500 words.

Visual aids are encouraged in your submission. At least one featured image is needed (we will pick one if none is submitted). Please include images in one of two ways:
– Embedded in-line in your document, with any captions, exactly as you wish them to appear.
– Attached separately in email with clear indication of placement in the article. Please title images consistently.
– Image files should be at least 800 pixels wide.

Spelling and grammar:
– Submission should be thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar errors.
– Both Standard American and British spellings are accepted.
– Ecocities Emerging will provide only cursory copy editing.
– Our editor may suggest changes to the structure, language, or length of the article. The editor will approve these changes with the author of the article before publishing.

The Ecocities Emerging editor will evaluate the submission on the following standards:
– Relevance to the Ecocity mission and issues—urbanism, design, architecture, sustainability, resilience, nature, and social justice.
– Coherent, well organized thesis.
– Novel position, idea, or approach.
– Lack of incendiary language, cursing, or ranting.
– Strong citation of sources and thorough research whenever possible.

**Please include a bio or brief description of yourself with your submission.

Email submissions or inquiries to : info [at] ecocitybuilders [dot] org